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2023 New functional Soicy S20 ice facial massage non-needle mesotherapy ice roller

Soicy s20 is a hand held device that can be effectively fozen in the freezer It can be used at any time and anyplace to release pain and discomfort instantly. It is a simple and easy device that makes your life convenient without melting ice.
ice roller s20
When the skin is in low temperature, it will reduce the metabolic rate, slow down the movement of cells and the sensitivity of nerve endings,thereby inhibiting the pain and swelling of the skin.
The vessels will shrink when it is in low temperature because of the thermal expansion and contraction. This will make the pore shrink to improve bulky pores. The skin become tight and smooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.
ice roller s20
Soicy can be used dally to relax, refresh and rejuvenate the skin. It is a simple and easy device that makes your life convenient without melting ice. Soicy can be used before and after IPL/laser micro needle therapy and micro dermabrasion treatment and any cosmetic procedure. It minimizes discomforts and redness. Use Soicy on your face, neck and chest everyday .Your face will look revitalized and young. It also prevents wrinkle formation and lifts your face.
ice roller s20
ice roller s20
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