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Gold Derma Roller Titanium 250 Micro Needle Roller

Type: Derma Rolling System
Brand Name: honkay, DRS
Product Name: 250 gold dermaroller
Material: titanium
Size: 250 needles
Usage: face skin
Needle Length: 0.25,0.5,1.0cm
Service: OEM/ODM
Certificate: CE
Product Description
Product Description

Gold Microneedle Roller

Our Gold micro needle roller Adapt saftey material and microneedles length can be choose. It won't cause much stabbing paim.Made of titanium alloy non-slip handle and titanium needle.More durable and luxurious than plastic handles. GOLD roller come with 6 square handle, which is more skid resistant than the previous cylindrical handle design.Non-slip point on handle accords with human ergonomics , easy to use.The needle, in particular, is made of titanium which is healthier and easier to clean.Effective System Infiltrating Healthy Ingredients into Skin.
derma roller 540 needles skin face scar acne micro

1.Wrinkle removal, acne removal, improve scar, rejuvenation.
2.Improve wrinkle and fine lines.
3.The narrow focus of the site (glabellum, wrinkle, scar).
4.Shrink pores.
1.Wrinkle removal, acne removal, improve scar, rejuvenation.
2.Improve wrinkle and fine lines.
3.The narrow focus of the site (glabellum, wrinkle, scar).
4.Shrink pores.

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1.Our roller consists of 250 needles titanium microneedles

2.Adapt seamless roller

3.Many choices for Micro-needle length,Using different lengths of microneedles to solve various skin problems

4.The roller comes in a sterilized, vacuum-sealed bag

5.Fits comfortably in your hand with a no slip grip

6.Protective storage case keeps needles safe and clean

7.Instructions included 

8.Needle: Processed with Special Corrosion Resistant Process

9.Formulated with the highest quality 250 titanium needles.

derma drw 1.5 mm size hair & skin roller

10Through using the derma roller, it can encouraging a natural healing process to rejuvenate. Help lotion infiltrating into Skin effectively.

11.The operation is simple, effective, fast to perform and you can do it yourself at home. A good choice for beginners and professionals alike.

12.Long product life. The strength, corrosion resistance and durability of titanium allows for a long time of use.

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Titanium Needle 
1.High qualty steel with rustproof
2.50% improvement of needle's strength than a normal material
3.Adapt seamless roller
4.Sharper,reduce skin trauma

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The egonomic handle
Beautifully stylish European design
CE certification

matte black derma roller dermaroller for face body

How does it work?
Microneedling create invisible punctures on the skin which acts as a catalyst to improve strength, suppleness, and elasticity in the skin. Simply roll back and forth, gently massaging desired area and your skin will naturally develop a brighter complexion and beautiful glowing skin tone.

1.Please choose the suitable size.
2.Clean the area of skin and sterilize the roller before use.
3.Apply lotion or cream to the area of skin and roll the roller back and forth 4-5 times.

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Using Instructions:
1. Clean your hands and the part that needs to be cured
2. Use the cleansing and anti-bacterial gel to wipe your hand and skin
3. Use hot water to flush the roller
4. You should use some skin care products before using
5. Using your other hand to straining your skin and rolling before and after over the part to be cured. Roll 8~10 times in every direction. Put enough pressure and make sure the micro-needle can penetrate your skin


matte black derma roller dermaroller 05 for face


To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

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