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New arrival microneedle pen a9 electric needling pen device with led light display

Product name: Microneedle pen A9

Speed level: 6 levels

Adjustable needle length: 0~2.5 mm

Needle material: Medical Stainless Steel

Feature: Anti-Puffiness, Blood Vessels Removal, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Moisturizer, Dark Circles, Wrinkle Remover, Anti-Hair Removal, Whitening, Pigment Removal, Other

Target Area: Body, Face, Legs/Arms, Neck/Throat, Feet, Hands, Head, Breast

Product Description
Product Description

PowerDerm A9 Latest Advanced Pen for Deep Scars and Lines

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The new microneedle pen A9 Power Derm system is a big step-up from the DermaHeal M5. It's the M5 redesigned, with improved and streamlined features.  Designed to drastically improve the appearance of cellulite, hair loss, enlarged pores, fine lines, scarring, and overall skin texture and tone. The control and precision provided by the M8 allows for a more intense treatment meaning you can heal those deeper scars and lines the M5 just wouldn't have been able to.

Features this micro needling skinpen:
1. The finest needle gauge pin cartridges on the market for less discomfort and less trauma to the skin
2. The needles have an arc edge for improved efficiency, designed to flatten uneven skin surfaces when micro-needling
3. The most powerful motor up to 18000RPM
4. 6 speed control
5. Rechargeable built-in battery
6. 4 hour battery life
7. 0mm – 2.5mm adjustable needle depth
8. Improves product absorption by up to 300%
9. High-speed vertical movement reduces pain to a minimum
10. Easier to operate in smaller areas than previous models
11. Replaceable needle cartridge
12. Because of vertical delivery, needles easily penetrate scar tissue without risk of bending
13. The needles adopt three interface modes, with the triangular power transmitter redesigned to transmit a more uniform more

Product Introduction and Specifications

1. The white and blue plastic body is light and suitable. One-button control switch and gear adjustment function, long press for 2 seconds to switch on and off, after turning on, each press increases a gear, a total of 6 gears for speed adjustment.
2. 6-segment LED bar columnar gear position display, which can be seen intuitively. It is convenient and quick to adjust to the appropriate gear position, and the gear position during operation can be seen intuitively.
3. The needle tube is snap-on, easy to install and disassemble. There are 3 buckles on the needle tube, and the top of the needle tube is triangular, so it will be more firmly installed on the machine body. There is an anti-backflow device inside the needle, which can effectively prevent the liquid from flowing back into the instrument, and better protect the internal parts of the instrument from being damaged by the backflow liquid.
4. The needle is designed with a wavy skin contact surface, which can reduce the vacuum state when the needle is in contact with the skin, and can push the essence product back and forth evenly and effectively, so that the essence can be pushed more evenly on the skin to improve the absorption rate. The needles are packaged in a blister-type way, which improves the packaging level of the needles.
5. The one-piece locking and layered packaging storage box, the bottom is used to store the instrument accessories, the upper layer is placed for the instrument handle, and the pen and accessories are placed in layers, which is tidy and comfortable, and more convenient to carry and store.
6. The needle length adjustment range is: 0.25-2.5mm, adjust the needle length according to the needs
7. The appearance of the electric model is the same as that of the plug-in model. The top is the power socket,The plug-in model needs to be connected to the power cord all the time before it can be turned on.
The rechargeable model can be turned on and used without connecting the power cord when the battery is fully charged or has power. The battery can continue to work for about 4 hours when fully charged.
8. Rechargeable battery capacity: 700mAh, speed range: 7000-15000
9. Standard shipping packaging: 1 handle + 1 power plug + 1 power cord + 1 English manual + 2 12-pin heads + white storage box + color box

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