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Auto Serum Injection Promote Absorption W3 Water Microneedling Hydra Pen

Product name: Hydra Pen Microneedling Automatic Serum Applicator
Model NumberW3
Feature: Anti-Puffiness, Skin Rejuvenation, Moisturizer, Wrinkle Remover, Whitening, Hair and Beard Regeneration, Microneedling skin care
Needle material: Medical Stainless Steel
Available Catridges: 12 needles, Nano-HS, Nano-HR
Adjustable needle length: 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm
Loadable liquid capacity: 3 ml
Speed Level: 6 Speeds
Certification: ce
Product Description
Product Description
Unique design, better than nomal hydra pen ,with red and blue LED light therapy
hydra pen
W3 Water Hydra pen is a new concept skin care device. It equipped with a containable needle cartridge , the essence will penetrate into the skin automatically while doing the MTS movement, which greatly improves the efficiency and effect of skin care treatment.
hydra pen
W3 Hydra pen auto microneedle device features
(1) Automatic and charging
(2) Adjustable 6 level speed control
(3) H12 / HS Nano / HR Nano needles Tip
(4) Digital Motor in Hand-piece
(5) Built-in battery. Wireless operation.
(6) Comfortable hand-held design.
(7) Blue and red LED light therapy.
(8) Available for different serum.
OEM & ODM | Customize your exclusive hydra microneedling pen
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All in one needle cartridge,available for different serum.
3ml needle cartridge. Enough serum for loading a facial microneedle.3 types of needles cartridge are available to handle most skin microneedling treatment needs.
Microneedling: Create micro channels, reduce acne, cleanse, calm and soothe repair, sensitive skin and balance oil.
LED Blue Light: Promote collagen regeneration, shrink pores Increase skin elasticity, brighten skin tone.
LED Red Light: Microneedles create thousands of micro channels to initiate skin repair.

Hydra Pen in combination with well-chosen cosmetics can improve skin tone, get rid of pigmentation, shrink skin pores and stop hair loss (baldness). Hydra Pen helps to cope with a variety of skin problems. The usage of Hydra Pen is effective in the treatment of wrinkles, scars, post-acne and stretch marks. During the procedure, channels are formed on the skin, which provides the penetration of cosmetic products by 80%.
What does Hydra Pen W3 can do for you?
1.Wrinkle removal,acne removal,improve scar,rejuvenation
2.The narrow focus of the site(glabellum,wrinkle,scar)
3.Shrink pores
4.Treatment of striate gravidarum
5.Improve wrinkle and fine lines
6.Treatment of acne scars and healing wounds
7.Anti-hair removal
8.hydra pen W3 cartridge is very effective for kinds of skin care treatments.
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