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Bio roller G5 The latest electric rolling needle remove acne pit acne print whitening skin rejuvenation electric microneedle for sale

Product details
Model : G5
Power Model:Wirless
Battery capacity:500mAh
EMS Microcurrent: 5 levels
LED light:Blue light、Red light
Vibration:2 levels
Charging mode:USB Type-C interface
Roller head Material: Titanium
Handle Material:ABS
Roller head:2 pcs
Product Description
Product Description
Lift & Tighten Skin

Microneeding: Accelerate pigment metabolism, whiten and rejuvenate skin, remove yellow, remove acne marks, Lighten mel asma, reduce acne pits, improve stretch marks, shrink pores
EMS microcurrent: lighten fine lines, firm skin,boost collagen, lft skin, face shaping
Blue light + vibration: onti-inflammotory blemish, enhance beauty effect, shrink pores, soothe and calm
Red light + vibration: concentrated ant-aging, reduce wrinkles, accelerote microcirculation, rejuvenate skin and lighten lines
g5 bio roller
g5 bio roller
g5 bio roller

The bio roller g5 have 5 technologies in 1:

1. EMS: EMS technology in the needles can release weak currents to penetrate deeply into the muscle layer, promote deep muscle movement, and reshape firm contours
2. Microneedling: The microneedles penetrate the epidermis and open up thousands of tiny channels, which can initiate skin tissue repair, stimulate cell regeneration repair skin, shrink pores, and restore skin elasticity
3. Blue light: Anti-inflammatory blemish, enhance beauty effect, shrink pores, soothe and calm skin
4. Red light: Concentrated anti-aging, reduces wrinkles, accelerates microcirculation, rejuvenate skin and lighten lines
5. Vibration: With vibration, the roller can better massage the skin, lift and tighten the skin.

g5 bio roller 10
g5 bio roller 11
g5 bio roller 12

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